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Cape Town, South Africa


Who We Are

We are passionate teachers of the Bible who want you to lead with purpose and find your destiny in God.
Our aim at View College is for you to encounter God and be equipped for life, leadership and service.

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Find out what our courses entail, how they are run and what to expect from a typical day at View Leadership College.

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Find out more about the Cape Town based church that supports and hosts View Leadership College

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The fine print on how our college courses are accredited by the South African Theological Seminary

"I was nervous to start studying again after a 30-year study break! But with the Holy Spirit to guide me, helpful fellow students and awesome lecturers; it has not only been achievable, but rewarding."

− Julie Lloyd, part-time college student

"College has been a time of growth, stretching, character-building, knowledge-building, and general awesomeness. The in-depth discussions we had on a daily basis were certainly my highlights for each year."

− Matthew Gillett, Full-time college student

"View College has given me the opportunity to grow both in myself and in my relationship with God.
Since starting this course, it has rekindled a passion for serving God and the community!"

− Frans Pienaar, Part-time college student

"My life has made a 180 degree turn-around. I went from living the high life, to choosing God, above all else. View College has enhanced my knowledge of Jesus and it equips me for future ministry."

− Vashti Folscher, Part-time college student

"I thought I knew about God, but doing this course has opened up a treasure of greater understanding and revelation, breaking mindsets and bringing a deeper relationship with Him. I'm challenged at every level, encouraged, and inspired to live the life God has planned."

− Cathy Gee, Full-time college student

Testimonials for View College

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